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Monday, 17 March 2008

Will the Dollar Decline Further ?

The Financial Times had a short paragraph in their currencies section last week which caused a stir among currency traders. It told of a report which indicated that the central bank of the United Arab Emirates had set up a taskforce to help implement a possible depegging of the country's currency from the US dollar. This is something that had been written about months ago, but the talk of depegging jumped back up onto the trader's radar yesterday.

There is a meeting scheduled this  week by the six Gulf Cooperation Council states, including Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates. The committee meets four times a year and will be discussing the formation of a Gulf Central bank and other technical matters related to a proposed single currency. The meeting won't be attended by any central bank governors, so I don't expect an announcement of an agreement to drop the dollar peg at this time; but just the discussion is putting additional downward pressure on the US$.


On top of this the Euro continues to make new highs and the Swiss Franc is now at parity with the US dollar if we look at charts of the Euro and Swiss Franc over the last few years we can see the dramatic decline of the dollar in these two currencies.




The dollar has also reached below the psychological  100 yen mark as well, the slide in the dollar has been enough to start the rumour mill about  Central bank intervention, I personally don't think it will happen , but if the dollar keeps dropping as quickly as it has done in the last few weeks then it may spark some sort of response. The ECB must be starting to get concerned with the strength of the Euro and even Sterling is back  well over $2 even although the UK will suffer a lot of the same problems as the US since they too are having problems in the housing markets.


Every bit of bad news for the dollar is a boost for Gold, I still believe that the precious metals will do us proud in the medium term,sure there will be pullbacks some of them could be quite severe.I will be using any pullbacks as good buying opportunities. I also favour Silver a bit more than Gold for reasons I will go into in my next post.

If you are looking at ways to benefit from any further declines in teh dollar then look to the Currency ETF , I will be looking at the Yen  FXY and the Swiss Franc FXF.


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