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Thursday, 14 December 2006

Why am I here ?

Well if you are reading this far then maybe you are asking the same question.If like me you want to give up the day job as soon as possible or retire with a big enough wedge of cash to finance the lifestyle you always wanted then this Blog and my journey may be for you.

I dont know about you but I got fed up receiving letters each year from my Pension Fund informing me that they had charged me 5% of the fund to only lose 15% when after all the market was down 20% so didnt they do well-Huh !!!

So I decided to start to invest for the past year my fund has grown just over 20% and only had drawdowns of less than 5% ..not too shabby .

There seemed to be a dearth of information about doing this so I decided to set up this blog to allow anyone who is interested to see what I was doing.I am not giving trading advice just an insight into my thoughts and trades-but by all means if you wish to join in then feel free to do so.

I may on occasions meander and muse on life in general and on the odd occasion I may even rant.I would love to hear your views and thoughts and if anyone out there is doing something similar ..then hey let us know.

I will in the next couple of days post the list of current positions in my Pension and start to inform you of the buys and sells and the reasons behind it.

If anyone has any questions or comments would love to hear them-all for now