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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Clapham House (CHP-L) added to Portfolio

The market today looks like it might be having one of its(recently) rare down days.The early part of this week is likely to be a non event whiel everyone waits for the FED and the Bank of England announcment.I added Clapham House (CPH-L) to my Sipp today-even with the FTSE down around 50 points today Clapham House still managed a small rise.

Clapham House is in the travel and Leisure sector of the London AIM market but it is being run by David Paige ex Pizza Express(one of the successes of the 90's).

Clapham House consists of two strong brands-Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Bombay Bicycle Club, both these franchises are well known and set for rapid growth, they are also not in the high end so less likely to be hit by any downturn in the economy.

The potential for Clapham House is huge and there are plans to grow the business into sizeable restaurant chains,currently there is little in the way of dircet competition for Clapham, although that could change, financials are strong and over the next 18 months or so we should see some strong growth.

I bought the shares at 418p and have a 25% stop loss in place.

I am also watching closely my LEAPs in Valero Energy (VLO) and Cameco (CCJ) both still have a lot of time left in them but are up over 100% each,I will be ready to take profits on any sign of a mkt downturn.

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