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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Is the worst over ?-Should we Start Buying Stocks again ?

Yesterday there was a huge rally in the stock markets, Look at the 5 minute Intraday chart below:




The markets continued higher at the outset today but with little conviction and already at the time of writing, the DJI is 100 points off its high. My own view is that we are seeing bounces inspired by well orchestrated news releases and manipulation by the Fed and others to stop the  markets plunging.I am sure a lot of you have heard or read about the PPT(Plunge Protection Team) Plunge Protection Team  who's role is to try to stop catastrophic drops in the market by intervening when appropriate.A lot of people feel that there role has now morphed and they are intervening far more often in the markets to maintain the perception of a strong economy and a bull market.  There has been a number of press articles lately indicating that they are back in the markets Bush convenes Plunge Protection Team. I think we will see them being increasingly less and less effective as time goes on and people realise that there is no real substance to these rallies only manipulation. For myself I am sticking to Precious metals and Commodities as I have been advocating of late. I do not think we are out of the woods yet and there are definitely still a few hungry bears roaming around in the Bushes.


What are your views, should we be buying stocks again, is the PPT a good thing or is it getting in the road of market forces.



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