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Monday, 22 January 2007

Portfolio Performance Curves

 Well at last I have sorted out some problems I was having with some of my software and can now post my equity curves for my US and GBP Pension Fund Holding showing performance since May 2005 when I started.
The GBP portfolio(Lower Graph) is showing the best returns compared to the US holdings.The GBP portfolio is solely made up of stocks which I have been holding for 6-18 mths  as long as they do not hit my StopLoss.I think if you click on the charts they will open larger in your browser(well they do in mine)

The US portfolio is a bit more aggresive and uses Options as well as having a trading apporach.It will be interesting to see how they perform and whether one method consistently beats the other.For now I am happy that they are both showing returns that would outstrip what you would get from having them managed by the "Professionals" which was the whole reason for me doing this.

The performance is down from where it was last May-when the bottom fell out of the Commodities market, since I am a Commodities Bull my portfolio was (and still is) more weighted to the commodity and resource stocks so has suffered a bit for that.
I will post these graphs on an approximately Monthly basis to show how I am doing.

Best Wishes