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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Which Emerging Markets should I invest in ? and Market Close for 27th March

I am going to look at some of the emerging markets over the next few post specifically to understand the opportunities , the mid term outlook and some of the ways that you could invest in these markets should you feel that they are worth doing so.


I plan to look at three markets in the next few posts: Russia, Brazil and Africa, I will take a look at Russia either tomorrow or over the weekend .


Meantime the markets today sold off sharply in the last hour, this may be as a result of how much was borrowed at the FED Discount Window or a  some rumours that may have been circulating this afternoon.It could also have been triggered by those in the know “front running” the releases in the morning.

Interestingly enough there was another big drop on the back of major puts purchases in Lehman brothers, this may be just pure speculation or there may be someone in the know regarding some issues or problems at Lehman.


Currently the S&P index is tracking for the worst opening quarter since 2001, even with the usual window dressing that occurs at the end of a quarter, this could see the early days in April showing more declines as the quarter closes.

Tomorrow there is potential for more bad news with a number of economic reports coming out including Personal Income and Personal Spending data.


Look out for the Russia report in the next couple of days.


Best Wishes