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Sunday, 11 February 2007

Performance Curve Updates

Posted above are the latest Performance Curves for my Pension Plans.The top graph is the GBP Portfolio and the lower one is the US$ Portfolio, pleasingly both have shown improvements this month particularly the GBP portfolio with a 4% gain on the month bringing the overall performance from the start to 40% return. The US Portfolio was also up but only slightly up about 0.5% for the month.The US portfolio is showing a 15% increase since inception.The US portfolio suffered a bit this month as the LEAP options on Microsoft (MSFT) gave back some of their gains.I am expecting that the US portfolio will shine when the Commodity and Natural Resource stocks do well as it is fairly heavily weighted in that direction. If we continue to see gains in Crude Oil and Precious Metals then the holdings in companies such as Goldcorp (NYSE:GG), Silver Wheaton (SLW-T) and the Oil and Equipment Services ETF (NYSE : IEZ) will generate some good returns. Silver and Gold seem to be looking to go higher here , although we could see some consolidation or even a pullback before we see Gold over $700 and Silver over $14.

Oil has been flirting with $60 all week and it is still uncertain which way it will go, weather and increasing Geopolitical tensions are playing their part and if these ease then we may see another pull back to the $55 area or below.However I firmly believe that Oil at those prices is a good buying opportunity as I do not believe these low levels will be sustainable.

It is interesting to note that once they got used to the revenue with oil at $60+ a barrel the OPEC Cartel seem very reluctant to see oil back down at the $50 mark.I imagine every time we see any pullbacks to those levels we will hear the jawboning from the Oil rich countries about production cuts etc, which will serve to put a floor under the price.

In my next article I am going to look at the part Dividends and High Yielding Assets can and should play in your Portfolio.

Best Wishes