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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Go East Young Man-Made in Taiwan and the China Syndrome Part 1

The US Markets are closed today so I thought this might be an opportunity to look beyond the US shores to another favourite market of mine-the Far East.For many years the Asian Markets have lagged far behind the US and Europe.I think we may be seeing the tentative shoots of recovery in certain markets.Japan is still a wildcard but I believe that 2007 may prove to be a good year for Taiwan. In 2006 a number of emerging mkts including some in Asia have hit all time highs but Taiwan still lags and is over 43% below its high from Feb 1990.Taiwan is home to some of the largest Tech and Electronics companies in the World. Companies that produce I-Pods and the Mini Mac as well as supply major IT companies such as Dell and Hewlett Packard-the link therefore to PC and Semi-conductors is inextricable-when these markets boom so does the Taiwanese economy.If you believe that these sectors are likely to start to move in 2007-(think Vista and PC's) then Taiwan is a good place to invest.For me the best way to play this is via the iShares MSCI Taiwan Index Fund(EWT-NYSE).This fund is broadly based and diversified but heavily weighted to Technology Companies. Another boost for Taiwan is that it is one of the major trading partners of China. The Chinese economy is still one of the fastest growing economies in the world and as the mass Chinese become more affluent then they will increase their expenditure on goods such as PC's and Technology-this can only be good for the Taiwanese economy and for the iShares MSCI Taiwan Index Fund(EWT-NYSE).I will be opening a position in this fund at the mkt tomorrow.I will also post Part 2 of this communication looking in a bit more detail at opportunities to gain some exposure to China such as Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HBC) , Templeton Dragon Fund (TDF-NYSE) and China Medical Technologies (CMED-NYSE).

Best wishes for the New Year and Good Trading