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Thursday, 11 January 2007

Australian Jobs Data Shocks to the Upside

Following on from last nights post the latest Australian Jobs data was released tonight and was incredibly strong compared to analysts forecasts.The forecasts were for a median 15k jobs to be added, the number came in at over 44k.I have attached some news commentary below-this further strengthens my view that the Australian economy is posied to continue to do well this year and that should prove good for any position in the iShares Australia Index (NYSE-EWA).

"[AUST DATA REVIEW] Aust employment data shocks with its strength, with growth gaining by a mammoth 44.6k over the mth, on top of an upwardly revised 43.0k (prior 36.2k) gain in Nov, and well outpacing forecasts centered on a 15k rise. The unemployment rate also unexpectedly held steady at its 30yr low of 4.60% (f/c 4.70%), with the participation rate gaining to a fresh record high of 64.9% from 64.8% prior. The overall data was exceedingly healthy; with full time jobs growth rising by 17.7k on top of Novs huge 57.4k bounce; whilst part time jobs gained by 26.9k after falling by 21.2k prior. Decs strong data suggests that Austs labour mkt has remained overwhelmingly tight. With wage fears thus well intact, RBA will be nervously maintaining its tightening bias well into 2007; and risks to see further rate hikes pan out over the n/t"

Tomorrow I will look in more detail at another favoured non US Mkt for the mid term-India.

Until then Best Wishes and Good Trading


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